• Lay Counseling

Discipleship: The goal of the counselor is to proclaim the truths taught by Jesus, and indeed all the Word of God, that there might be a true change of the heart, which exhibits itself in obedience.  We want those whom we counsel to know and love Jesus more in order that they might obey Him better and image Him more fully.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Our counseling is available first to UBC members. Exceptions may be made based on need, lack of other     available options, and counselor’s availability.

1. Call Denise at the church office: 410-775-1345

2. You will be asked some general questions to determine which counselor to connect you with, based on the following criteria as well as various counselors’ schedules. You also may request a particular counselor as long as the following guidelines are met and the counselor is available.

          •  Men (and male children 12 and older) meet with men counselors
          •  Women (and female children 12 and older) meet with women counselors
          •  Couples meet with men counselors
3. You will be sent, either via email or snail mail, a Personal Information Form which must be filled out and received prior to initial meeting with counselor. Upon receipt of your completed form we will contact you confirming receipt and confirming your appointment. *Children’s form will be completed at initial meeting.
4. To cancel an appointment, 24 hour advance notice is requested.