The Mission of Uniontown Bible Church is to become a holy people of the holy God glorifying Him by imaging and proclaiming Jesus.

God is holy and He is on a mission to bring Himself glory. If that’s true, then to be followers of Him who please Him, we must join God on this mission. We too must make our lives about one thing: bringing Him glory. But to do that, we must be holy too. We’ll never honor The Holy God unless we live lives that are holy as well. It’s our calling as a church.  1 Peter 1:15-16   “But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”” NIV

We must recognize that it is our calling to live holy lives – it’s the only way to honor The Holy God. Of course, our natural tendency will be to think that we cannot do this. We assure you that it’s only the enemy Satan who is feeding you that lie. Some might object, “Surely God doesn’t expect me to be holy like Him does He?” On the one hand, the answer to that is ‘no.’ God is perfect and without any flaw or defect. He is completely separate from sin. This is true of God not only in His practice, but also in who He is at the core of His being. It is true of Him not just for the present, but also for eternity past and for the eternal future. This type of purity will never be ours.

But, on the other hand, God does expect us to be holy. It is He Himself who works in us for that to happen. The Bible describes our holiness in a three-stage process. The moment we accept Jesus as our Savior, He makes us positionally holy in His sight. This is justification. For the rest of our time on earth, as we consistently choose to say ‘yes’ to God and ‘no’ to sin, God makes us holy in practice. This is sanctification. One day, when we see Jesus face to face, God will transform us to be permanently holy, where we will never sin again. This is glorification.

Knowing who we are, then, in God’s sight (a holy, justified people), and knowing who we will be for eternity (a holy, glorified people), it is God’s will for us now to live free from sin and sold out to Him (a holy, sanctified people). After all, we can live holy lives, otherwise God wouldn’t have called us to do it. In fact, Jesus not only died on the cross and rose again to remove our sin but also to give us victory daily over our sin.  Romans 6:11-14  

We can do it. God calls us to do it. The work of Jesus enables us to do it. As we live holy lives, we can bring honor to The Holy God, which is what our purpose in life is all about.