• Orphan Care

program to give school-age orphan children an opportunity to travel to America and stay with a Christian family.  For most of these children, it is the first time they get to see how a family functions as Christ intended: caring for and loving one another.  The children experience Christ's love firsthand and learn that although they may not have a father on earth, they have a heavenly Father who loves them dearly.  Children have come from Ukraine, Latvia and Ethiopia. 

Child Sponsorship:  Orphan Care also partners with Vision Trust International, an organization that coordinates child sponsorships.  Our church has "adopted" an orphanage in the Dominican Republic where 34 children reside.  Church families sponsor the children, write to them regularly and send small care packages to let them know how much they are loved by their "family from afar". 

Caring Trips:  Twice a year, we send a team of people to serve at the orphanage we support in the Dominican Republic - leading VBS, offering mentoring programs, doing work projects at the home and continuing to strengthen relationships with the children and staff who live there.

Education and Advocacy:  Another big part of our ministry is educating others about the plight of the orphan worldwide, as well as the needs of children in foster care in the US.  With 153 million orphans in the world, the crisis can seem overwhelming, but we know that nothing is too big for our God!  One way to deal with the crisis is to educate others about ways that they can make a difference for children in need.  God has revealed to us His heart for the orphan through Scripture.  Our goal is to raise awareness of God's heart for the orphan and offer opportunities to learn more through Bible studies and small group discussions. 

Orphan Care Ministry offers studies periodically and also supports those who wish to attend a larger conference on orphan care (such as the CAFO Summits or ROCK Conference). UBC is a member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.