• Frank Taylor- Senior Pastor

    I have been married to my wife, Stephanie, since 1995, and we have 4 kids: Jordan, Amber, Luke, and Audrey. I have been privileged to serve as a pastor since 2001, and am excited to continue serving in that capacity for years to come. I am passionate about preaching and relationships and find as many opportunities as possible to grab a cup of coffee or head out and play golf in the name of ministry. 


  • Jason Merson - Assistant Worship Director/Pastor

    I am the Assistant Worship Director/Pastor at Uniontown Bible Church.  I held the title of “Lead Worshiper” for quite some time before answering the call to pastoral ministry. If the title “Lead Worshiper” seems backwards to you, we have rightly named the Holy Spirit as the “Worship Leader,” I just make an attempt to follow Him during our corporate times of worship. My wife and best friend’s name is Jeanne; you may often see her singing next to me during our corporate worship time. We were both raised in the “Christian Faith”, my denomination Methodist and hers Catholic. We divinely came to know the truth and accepted Christ together on December 16, 1990 and were baptized together three months later at Heritage Church of God in Severn, Maryland. We have been blessed with 4 awesome children, Cody, Carlie, Summerly and Jack.  Our children have been homeschooled and have attended private and public schools. I have been a member of the Worship Ministry since 1995. I have always had a love for music and singing. I received my first guitar at the age of 14 and with the help of my brother, Jeff, I learned to fumble my way through a few Jim Croce and James Taylor songs. It wasn’t until I was saved and at a Creation Music Festival event in Pennsylvania that I realized the true meaning and purpose for playing and singing. I have played or sung solely for the Lord from that time forward. I have been very blessed to be a small part of such an awesome ministry for several years now and count it a privilege to have received the call to be our family’s Worship Pastor.

  • Bill Brown - Counseling Pastor


    I am the counseling pastor at UBC.  I have been a Christian almost all my life, coming to faith when I was 7, but it wasn’t until about 8 years ago that I asked Him to be my Lord.  When I was in my early 20’s my folks had me take some career tests to see what I should do with my life.  After taking those tests I was told I should either be a pastor or a counselor – I didn’t agree and moved on with my life.  Needless to say the Lord had a plan for me.  I will graduated from Capital Bible Seminary with a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling in 2015.  In my role I counsel, teach and lead our lay counseling ministry.  I am a husband to my wife Michele for over 17 years and a father to 4 amazing children, Will, Jacob, Molly and Carly.  I work full time in the secular world with hopes one day to give my life full time to ministry.  Praise the Lord that He gave me a heart for His hurting people - my passion is leading them back to Him.


  • Patrick Boyd - Student Ministries Pastor


    Patrick is passionate about seeing teenagers understand and actualize the reality that church is not something we do or a place we go, it is something that we are, as Christians. Teaching and discipling youth are part of his set of gifts and his desire is to do that until he meets his maker, so to speak. He is also an avid sports fan and loves to laugh at his own jokes. Patrick is in pursuit of a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary set to graduate in Summer 2017. He and his wife Michelle were wed in 2009 and they have two rambunctious boys, Declan and Grady.

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  • Mark Anderes - Executive Pastor

    I married my amazing wife in 2001 and since then we have the blessing of 3 children; Jackson, Christian and Isabella.  We have been a part of Uniontown Bible church since 2002.  I have had a calling to ministry for years and actually started at the same church Pastor Tim worked at many years ago.  I also worked in corporate America running marketing for a large aerospace company, but never was satisfied.  There has always been a tug on my heart to be in full time ministry.  I most recently served as Operations Team Leader at a large church in Annapolis. But even still my heart was not settled until we were at our home church, Uniontown Bible Church.   I am often referred to as the pastor of miscellaneous.  Lisa and I are so pleased to be here and excited about what God has in store for this place and time.