Touching lives of others through serving in ministry

We need each other to walk the path because there are dangers all along the way (e.g., traps (Job 18:10: Psalm 140:5), pits (Psalm 57:6); snares (Psalm 142:3; Hosea 9:8). We can be dragged from the path (Lamentations 3:11). Our path can be blocked (Hosea 2:6). We are tempted to stray from the path (Psalm 44:18) or to turn from it (Job 31:7). Praise the Lord. He watches over our path (Job 13:27; 33:11), but we also need each other. As we use our God-given gifts to serve the church body, the entire church is built up and each of us is less likely to be blown off the path of life (Ephesians 4:14).

Uniontown Bible Church offers many ways to touch lives through serving opportunities.  From local outreach to children's ministry help, there is a place to serve.  Below is a list of ministries and contact information for each. 

Ministry Job Description Booklet


Ministry Contacts

A Little Love - Brian Chapline

AWANA - Donna Haines

Caring Team - Denise Velte

Children's Ministry - Jen Wood

Communion Team - Dan Wantz

Connecting Team - Mark Anderes

Elders & Deacons - Andy Whitfield

Building & Grounds - Dan Wantz

GNXT (Sr. High) - Chris Sturdivant

Greeters - Melissa Weller

Lay Counseling - Denise Velte

Loaves & Fishes - Dianne Cowell

Mary's House - Jodi Sell

Men's Ministry - Robert Buntin

Missions - Dave Brown

MOPS - Jaime Petry

Nursery - Darcy Esworthy

Office Help - Dana Weaver

Orphan Care - Jen Diehl

Tech Team (IT Services) - Dana Weaver

Upper Room (Jr. High) - Jeremy Roop

Ushers - Dan Wantz

Visual Arts Team - Mark Anderes

Women's Ministry - June Rusterholtz

Worship Ministry - Jeremy Sorensen