Middle School

Middle School Sundays

6th grade Sunday School class meets in the Fall (September-November) for a 12-week study on worship and why we do it. The goal is to help students transition from spending Sundays in our Kids Ministry Sunday School classes to worshiping with their families. All other students are encouraged to worship with their families.

Middle School Midweek             Wednesdays | 6:30pm-8:20pm

6:30pm. Middle Schoolers check-in and gather in room 101 for big group time.

7:15pm. Small group and hang/game time in the gym.

High School

High School Sundays

Students are encouraged to worship with their families at one of our morning services. Students who serve in our Kids Ministry are encouraged to do the same.

High School Midweek                 Wednesdays | 6:30pm-8:20pm

6:30pm.  High Schoolers gather in the gym for hang time and games.

7:15pm.  Big group teaching time in room 101.

7:45pm.  Small groups: Guys meet in room 101, Girls meet in the Office Conference room.