Until the whole world knows that God loved them so, that He gave His only Son.

Making Disciples

Uniontown Bible Church is committed to the worship of God, equipping of the believer for effective life and service, and the evangelization of the lost. We believe God desires the local church to be the primary means for sending people to proclaim the saving message of Jesus Christ to wherever people inhabit the earth. For more information contact Dave Brown.

Johnny & Ruth Cooper

Jolo, West Virginia

Billy & Loyce Cummings

Laredo, Texas

Thom & Carolyn Cunningham

Scotland, United Kingdom


Jim Ellsmore

Chalk Evangelist

Far East Broadcasting

Miguel & Myriam Garroni


Ketty's House

Dominican Republic

Charles & Sharon Rose

Jolo, West Virginia

Sharon Silvey


the Persecuted Church

Although we cannot list their names or pictures here due to security concerns, 

we ask that you continue to pray for our Global Partners that serve in areas of the world that are hostile to the Gospel.