We want to partner with you to help your kids discover life lived through the lens of the Gospel for God’s glory and our good in each stage of your kids’ discipleship. 

As Deuteronomy 6:4-9 explains, parents are to be the primary disciplers of their children. This is an all-the-time, everywhere, and in-everything endeavor. When you are at home or in the car, eating dinner or competing on the ballfields, there are opportunities to point your kids to Christ. We believe discipleship can happen in big and small ways, and it can best be accomplished in community through the local church. 


Birth - 5th Grade

1 -  Infants & Toddlers

Our littlest ones learn about God's great love for them. As we play with and pray for children in our care, read stories about God and His people, and listen to songs about God.

2 - Preschool

A discipleship-focused curriculum is introduced in our preschool class. Through songs, Bible stories, and play children learn that God loves them, they are created for a purpose, and the Bible is all about Jesus.

3 - Early & Late Elementary

We focus on the Bible as God's big story of redemption through Jesus. The Bible gives clear instructions for life and reveals God's abundant grace and love for His children. We desire for kids to gain a better understanding of Jesus as the foundation of their faith and the importance of sharing that faith with others. 


Middle School and High School

4 - Middle School

These students should use their parents as a resource for processing an increasingly complicated world of sin and darkness. They need to participate in youth group and small groups and lean in and trust that what they have learned about Jesus and the Bible is true and that they’re not alone in their faith as they continue to explore the depths of their sin and how far Jesus was willing to go to save them.

5 - High School

These students should begin understanding the importance of being rooted in Christian community by continuing their involvement in the youth ministry while seeking opportunities to be a part of the church body at large (serve in other ministries and discover spiritual gifting). They need to live into the reality that God created them on purpose and for a purpose. Lastly, we want them to pursue answers to their questions of faith and theology with a growing understanding and maturity that they may not know everything there is to know about life.


Our all-abilities ministry provides a safe and loving environment thereby facilitating a growing relationship with Jesus Christ for the entire family.


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