Saturday, December 7, at 11 am.  Marilyn Anderes will be our guest speaker. 

Marilyn will have a book table with two of her books on sale. "Adventure of Surrender" and "Eye to Eye" will be $15.00 each. For each book sold, she will be donating proceeds to 2 of our Global Partners that are just starting out.

We have a large number attending. Everyone who signed up as a group will be seated together, and all others will be open seating. We trust you will reconnect with old friends and introduce yourself to new friends!

The Woman's Ministry Team

  • Marilyn Anderes

    Marilyn became a child of God in January of 1972.  She has taught Bible studies and led seminars and retreats, both nationally and internationally, for the last 37 years. She is also the author of several books and dozens of magazine articles.

    Marilyn yearns to live the longings of God’s heart and to help others see more of Him. On any given day you can find her worshiping God at the piano, applauding Him over yet another wonder in His Word, and offering laughter and love to those with whom she shares His message of transformation.