14-hour smoked brisket? Check. Pulled pork? Yup. Smoked sausage, chicken, turkey? Yes, yes, and more yes. Other delicious smoked meats and sides? (not all of them actually smoked) Oh yeah. Cornhole and tailgate games? Absolutely. Camaraderie and a chance to hang with the dudes of UBC? Roger that. Free? You got it.

Wait, FREE? REALLY? FREE? All I have to do is be a guy and show up???

UBC Men’s Ministry proudly presents: Man vs Meat IV, Saturday, October 19 @ 10am here on the church BBQ grounds. Also, feel free to show up early (like the night before type of early), smoke some meat, hang out, camp out, chill. All men from ages 0-110 welcome; feel free to bring your own smoked meats and other sides as well.

We’ll get going at around 10 am with all the smoked goodness you can handle, a chance to rate the various entries as to taste and presentation, cornhole and tailgate games, prizes for those winners. Register between September 22 and October 13. See ya there!

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