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  • From your first visit to making real connections, discover what it means to belong to our Uniontown family.  Learn more.

  • Whether you are looking to build relationships, get involved in opportunities to serve, or jump into Bible studies or a Community Group, we want to pray for you, come alongside you, and make sure you have what you need to follow Jesus. Learn more.

  • Do you need help? Learn more about our food ministries, eachONE for special needs families, Family Grace Support group for family and friends of those experiencing mental health difficulties, and biblical life coaching and soul care.

    Are you looking to serve our community? Learn more about our food outreach and donations, eachONE ministry, and caring team.

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  • Our church subscribes to RightNow Media which means you get all of their amazing resources for free. As you may be spending more time at home in these next weeks, it is a great opportunity to check out the valuable content available for all ages including RightNow Media Kids. If you don't have a login, email Trisha at for yours.

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    Online Giving

  • For our church family, we use FellowshipOne Go as our hub for giving, community groups, communication, and more. If you are already part of Uniontown Bible Church and don't yet have access to FellowshipOne Go, email